Sunstone Bracelet

Sunstone Bracelet

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Beautiful Yoga bracelet featuring 8mm Sunstone, Amazonite and Moonstone gemstones, and gold plated nugget beads
Boho Chic 

Sunstone Properties:
Sunstone brings a profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun during meditation and in everyday life.
With its powers of the sun and light, Sunstone clears and cleanses all the chakras, restoring joy and vitality, and nurturing the spirit. It is particularly energizing to the Base and Sacral Chakras, stimulating leadership and will, creativity and sexuality.
Sunstone is an abundance and prosperity stone, and an excellent "good luck" crystal.

Amazonite Properties:
Amazonite is a wonderful healer for the emotional body - Its captivating blue energy provides harmony and balance - It soothes the spirit and calms the mind, alleviating worry and fear, and directing anger and irritability into a more positive action - It regulates the aggressive aspects of one’s personality and urges the mind to seek emotional balance
Amazonite is deeply stimulating to both the Heart and Throat Chakras

Moonstone Properties:
Moonstone carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power - It has long been known for its calming and soothing qualities on the emotional body.
Moonstone's energy is balancing and healing.
It enhances the intuitive side of the mind by revealing their feminine power to women, and promoting emotional balance in men

The bracelet comes in a beautiful gift bag