A mala is a medium of enlightenment and inner peace used to meditate or simply help calm the mind, body and spirit

BB Tresors Malas are hand knotted with love and care, using only natural gemstones

Gemstones Properties

Amazonite: Harmony, Balance, Inner Freedom, Stress Relief
Aquamarine: Harmony, Courage, Happiness, Inner Peace
Amethyst: Clarity, Inspiration, Spirituality, Protection
Aventurine: Luck, Prosperity, Love, Harmony
Citrine: Prosperity, Creativity, Clarity, Anxiety Relief
Black Onyx: Protection, Grounding, Emotional Balance Labradorite: Calming, Joy, Spontaneity, Hope
Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, Truth, Friendship, Harmony
Moonstone: Soothing, Clarity, Strength, Inner Growth
Rose Quartz: Love, Emotional Balance, Harmony
Sunstone: Nurturing, Joy, Vitality, Creativilty, Luck
Tourmaline: Calming, Centered, Love, Inspiration, Prosperity