Citrine Mala
Citrine Mala

Citrine Mala

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108 Buddhist Mala necklace made of 8mm Citrine gemstones and a Tourmaline Guru bead

The mala is hand knotted between the beads with 100% natural silk

Measurements: Approx 40" inches 

Citrine Properties:
Citrine symbolizes prosperity and creativity - It helps with clarity of thinking and the manifestation of dreams. Citrine releases anger and negative thoughts, and helps relieve depression and anxiety.

Tourmaline Properties:
Known for its strong healing energies, Tourmaline encourages a calm, centered state of mind.
Tourmaline also attracts love, inspiration, and prosperity and promotes self-confidence.

The mala comes with a beautiful mala bag, and a printed card with the gemstones meanings